A highly interactive and experiential 2 Day Programme designed to help leaders build, lead and sustain high performing teams. Understanding the natural process of team development and knowing how to nurture and sustain a high performing team are skills which define the success of a leader throughout their career, allowing them to have a transformational effect on those they work with. Getting teams right is an art and as with any art, practice makes perfect. We bring our practice and team building expertise to you in this unique and engaging learning & development experience, giving your leaders the tools they need to build and lead high performance teamwork.



Learn how to expand your capacity to identify and achieve a team’s vision by committing to breakthroughs. Build on organizational strengths to address challenges and opportunities. Respond to difficult situations and people confidently, tactfully, and assertively.


You will create a team environment of mutual trust and support to make change happen. You will increase team and organizational performance.


You will be able to communicate and lead effectively by using language and behaviour appropriate to the person(s) and situation(s). Enhance your personal brand by using powerful communication techniques. Create a team environment of mutual trust and support to make change happen.



2 Days Workshop